Sunday, April 27, 2014

Google Feedburner Email Delivery Problem

To all my faithful readers...

The Google Feedburner newsletter/email delivery service I have been using since I started my blog  and use to be able to share my craftyandcreativeideas blog posts by email and RSS feed for you, is not working properly for some readers and my research indicates Google may be actually shutting down the Google Feedburner service to all their google blog clients altogether, with little or no advance notice to any of us.

While many of my email Feedburner subscribers are still getting the updates whenever I have posted, many are not. So, I have to decide if I need to move to a different delivery service now or if I have time to see what Google is going to do about the Feedburner service.  Some of my fellow demonstrators that are also bloggers have lost all their viewers to this problem. I have to see how badly this is affecting my blog.

I usually post 2-3 times per week, informing you of my weekly sales and also posting my cards.  Can you please be kind enough to email me and just let me know whether you are receiving the posts regularly?  I will double check your email against the Feedburner client email list so I can see how many of my readers are being affected by this Google Feedburner service not working properly. If I don't hear from you, I will assume that you never saw this post and you have not been getting the blog posts as you should be getting.  I really appreciate all my readers and my clients helping me to analyze this problem, and I want to clear this problem up as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for all your support!  I really hope to hear from you, as that way I will know that my readers have not been affected at this point and it gives me some time to work around the problem rather than loosing viewers due to the fact that Feedburner is working properly,  and if the case, immediately start making a change to another email delivery system other than what I am using.  Thank you all for following me, you are what it is all about!

God Bless,

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