Saturday, August 9, 2014

6 Different Bows Made With Stampin Up Envelope Punch Board

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I  know this post is making you ask..."Sharon, what the heck are you thinking? This is only August and its a little early in the year to be thinking about Christmas Bows". But, there is a little reasoning to my madness. LOL! I had just made and published two different YouTubeVideos two days ago on "How To Make Boxes using the Stampin Up GIFT BOX Punch Board (the new punch board is releasing to the public for purchase on August 28).   Just in case you missed the GIFT BOX videos I made two days ago. I'll post the videos at the end of this post today.

OK, now are you starting to catch onto my madness for these bows at all? Maybe just a little?  Well, the NEW GIFT BOX Punch Board and the Christmas Papers are soon to be released in a few weeks, so I figured you might like to see that new GIFT BOX Punch Board in action so you'll be inspired to be making boxes for Christmas and other occasions as Birthdays, Kids Parties etc and you will want to put the GIFT BOX Punch Board and some new Christmas Papers on your wish list. (I know you will, it is SUPER!)  Still with me on the reasoning???? This way, you'll already have tons of ideas in your heads from watching these box and bows videos, as to how you can make boxes with it  for the Christmas Holidays or other occasions too. 

Now, by the time you order the GIFT CARD PUNCH BOARD on August 28th, and finally get it delivered, it will be into September already, and what better way to decorate Christmas Boxes but with some Christmas Bows?  I made all of these bows below using our current Stampin Up Envelope Punch Board.  Now do you get it???  Hopefully these two Bow Making YouTube Videos below(Part 1 and Part 2) and the two Box Making Videos above,  will give you more Christmas ideas for the upcoming holiday catalog wish list, and also a reason as to why you should order the new GIFT BOX MAKER to be able to put these cool little bows on them too for all occasions.  Just use different papers on the bows for now, and they become Birthday Bows, etc. etc.

Now, here comes my even though it isn't Christmas Season yet, you will get all the Bow Making Technique from these 2 videos today and you can then just make regular everyday bows from your normal cardstock and DS Papers for now, but at the same time you'll also be inspired for the new GIFT BOX MAKER and the many of the all occasion projects you can make with them, including Christmas Boxes and Bows for your wish list for August 28.  You probably already own the Envelope Punch Board, and this video will help you make all different bows all year round just using the Envelope Punch Board.  Now, does it make sense?   So watch the videos and start making some all occasion bows for now until you get the GIFT BOX Punch Board and start making some Christmas stuff too.  Have fun with them, and God Bless!

CLICK HERE To View Part 1 Video on BOW Making

CLICK HERE To View Part 2 Video on BOW Making

Did you miss the YouTube Videos for the GIFT BOXES Tutorial?  Then you can still watch them from here. (see links below)

If the YouTube Video is not viewing in your browser

If the YouTube Video is not viewing in your browser

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